How to Remove Black Border From Raspberry Pi Display

display with black border

One problem I often have when setting up a new Raspberry Pi on a display, is that the display doesn’t stretch to the entire area of the screen. Rather, there is a black border between the content on the screen and the display’s bezel. So annoying!

The following is what fixed the problem for me on multiple Raspberry Pi’s and displays. I’m using the latest (as of this post) Raspbian Stretch October 2018 version. If on a different version, the solution might be slightly different, but hopefully it works for you.

To get rid of the black border, we have to edit the config.txt file in the /boot directory.

To do that, open the terminal or SSH into your Pi.

In the terminal, type the following command:

sudo nano /boot/config.txt

This will open the config.txt file in nano, a simple text editor that runs in the terminal.

The file is about 60 lines of text or so. Use the Up/Down Left/Right buttons on your keyboard to navigate the document in nano.

Find the following line:


Now remove the # in front of the command so it reads:


Anything with a hashtag in front of it is treated as a comment, meaning the computer ignores it. So by uncommenting the line (removing the hashtag), the computer will execute the command.

Type Ctrl+x on your keyboard to exit nano, and a little message at the bottom or the terminal will say, “save modified buffer?’.

Type y for ‘yes’.

Then the file name appears at the bottom of the screen. Don’t change it and hit Enter on the keyboard to save your changes.

This will save the file, and exit nano back into the terminal.

Now all you have to do is reboot your Pi.

Type the following into your terminal:

sudo reboot now

And hit Enter.

Your Pi should reboot without the annoying black border.

13 comments on “How to Remove Black Border From Raspberry Pi Display

    1. In setting up my new Pi 4b I hit “yes” to remove black border. This was wrong as now icons are half off the screen how do I revert back to original setting.

      1. Open the file config.txt inside the folder /boot with the bash command sudo nano /boot/config.txt and justput a # before disable_overscan=1 or change the 1 with a 0, save the file config.txt with ctrl+x confirming with y and reload the system with sudo reboot now. Exactly as Martin just wrote up…

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  2. Great article. When I saw the setting I remembered that there is a GUI way to change it in the Preferences>Raspberry Pi Config>Display so you can now enable/disable that setting. Thanks for putting me on the right track.

  3. Perfect! I wonder if this is intentional to help users learn terminal?
    I now have fixed the issue and learned the command line!

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